Active Impact Measurement: Training

Think about what you learned about yourself and others from the Results through Relationships workshop. How does understanding Motives, Conflict, Strengths, Overdone Strengths, and Communication Styles help you in your working relationships?


Overall, how accurately did your SDI 2.0 results describe you?
In which relationships will you use insights from the Results through Relationships training? Select all that apply.
Which skills has the class helped you to improve? Select all that apply.
Think about the high-stakes situation you used for your action plan during the course. How important is this situation to your work?

In a few sentences, describe what you did based on the action plan you created during the class.

  • What was the problem or challenge you faced?
  • Who was your stakeholder? (You don't need to use names or specific titles. Instead, you might use terms like: my manager, one of my direct reports, a customer, a peer on my team, someone from another department, etc.)
  • How has the relationship changed since you went through the training and started using what you learned?
...Before the class, how good of an outcome were you expecting?
...Now, how good did it turn out?
...What were you able to accomplish because you applied your new-found Relationship Intelligence?

Thank you for completing this survey, please submit your responses when ready.